Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 2011

Finally Finished!!!!

So, this month has been an awesome month. It started on January 3 when I started as the Public Relations Manager at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM for short). My very first day I was introduced to TOKY, our advertising firm, at the training session for our new website, and that's where it all started. One week to get all of the information up. One week to get everything tested, fixed, and ready to go. One week to unveil an entirely new website. There was no better way to learn about everything that CAM does then by helping to upload all of the information about our programs/exhibitions/events/etc and find photos to accompany all of those postings. Check it out here: www.camstl.org.

Now, it's been four weeks and here's a run down of what I've done and what I can look forward to over the next however long I work here, which I hope is a long, long time, because this is the most kick ass job ever!

-Write and distribute press releases
-Serve as the liaison between CAM and TOKY on copy writing/design edits for all advertising/promotional material
-Media buying/ad placement
-Coordinate sponsorships
-Help plan/promote/staff CAM events
-Write and distribute monthly eNewsletters
-Monitor press mentions about all things CAM
-Maintain all social media
-And all additional job duties as required...

Going to work for an art museum seemed very intemidating, but it's become such a welcomed change in my life. I moved to St. Louis knowing a set number of people, and hadn't really branched out from there. The great thing about CAM is that it's more than an art museum – we throw some awesome parties to!! Over the past three weeks i've worked an event or two every single week. Almost every event is free, packed with 300-1000 people, and an event i'd want to go to even if I didn't work here. They're all so much fun and have become a great way of branching out and meeting other young professionals in St. Louis.

For anyone who heard me talk about my previous job, you can tell how excited I am about this one. It's exactly up my alley with fun parties, fun people, and fun/fast paced job requirements.

So, enough about my job, this month was also special because my little Anners was initiated as a Chi Omega!! Big day!! Jeff tells me on a weekly basis that I need to move on, take the Chi O sticker off my car, and take my owl collection from 20 or so down to 4 (blasphemy!!). I drove down to Fayetteville with Aaryn and Cindy and met up with my family, Lindsey, Sarah K., Spencer, Margaret, Rachel, Anna and Clay. We spent a great weekend having fake bachelorette parties for Anna and her fake fiance Graham (oops), being Chi Omegas at the Psi Initiation, and patio drinking in the 70 degree weather in Fayetteville (thank the Lord)! Great weekend with fun friends and family.

Today, I am hunkered down on the couch updating my blog and working from home on CAM and Celebrate Style stuff. Snowpocalypse is about to hit St. Louis so Jeff, his roommate Tim, and I are snowed in the apartment watching movies and working diligently (or so we're pretending). Here's a picture of what we're seeing outside, and they're saying a white-out blizzard is on it's way and hitting within the next hour.

Ya'll stay safe. Stay warm. And I promise i'm going to start updating this blog more often.

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