Monday, March 21, 2011

Werty Day

This weekend was all about Jeffrey because it was his TWENTY FIFTH birthday! 25! Holy cow! I can’t believe I’m allowed to be friends with people that are 25, let alone date someone that old. I know it’s really not that old, but to me, a 23 year old with the heart (and maturity, oops) of a 12 year old, it seems old. Good think ol’ J-Man is mature as can be. See the below pictures of Saturday’s Werty Day festivities for proof.

Happy Birthday J! Thanks for being the best birthday boy ever – hardly any crying. Love you and can’t wait for another fun year with my old man!

Happy Monday everyone! This was my afternoon distraction, so back to the grind of press releases, calendar updates, Facebooking, and copy editing. At least it’s gorgeous out my window.

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