Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bon Voyage!

So, for the 15 followers of this blog, you know that I have this crazy obsession with every single one of my friends. When you're lucky enough to make it into my wolf pack (Thank you “The Hangover” for making this a well known saying) you become more than my friend. You become part of my family. With that comes all the fun, sometimes crazy, parts of my life; my job, my philanthropic endeavors (i'll ask you for money and your time), my family, my Mother (yes, she does get her own mention because believe me, you'll really get to know her), and every other part of my life.

One of those lucky wolf pack members is Miss Lindsey Rose Shindler. Lindsey and I have been friends since middle school when she saw me on the first day of 6th grade and thought I was a teacher because I was slightly more developed than the average 12-year old. Thanks Linds! We've played soccer with each other, shared our deepest, darkest secrets, shared some insanely good times, and had one month long fight that we still can't even remember what it stemmed from. Lindsey is part of my group of 11 girl friends from home that hasn't changed since high school. We went to seven different colleges – Mizzou, College of Charleston, University of Virginia, Georgia, University of Arkansas, Washington and Lee, and Vanderbilt University – and we're still as close as ever.

That was never more apparent as last weekend when seven of us came together for what I so lovingly deemed Linds Shinds Farewell Weekend in Memphis. Sadly for us, but excitingly for Lindsey, she is leaving this Saturday for London for an entire year. She's moving there to work in communications for a bank, travel, eat fish and chips, and hopefully fall in love with Prince Harry (she loves gingers!). The whole weekend was about Lindsey and us showing her how much we love her and that this year without her is going to suck, but we'll be here waiting when she gets back. If she'll have us.

I know all of you know Linds, but here are 10 things that make her an awesome, coolio chick.

1. The first time I spent the night she wanted to make love potions – of course I'd be friends with someone like that.
2. She's had the same email/computer/facebook/everything else password since middle school and it has something to do with an A*Teens member. Cool huh?
3. She can have so much fun by herself. One of her favorite things to do in high school was melting Jolly Ranchers and mixing two together.
4. Her mom makes the best pickled cucumbers (Not pickles – pickled cucumbers. Get it right!)
5. She comes as a package deal with some of the coolest parentals in the world -- David and Julie (we love you!)
6. She might be 23, but she still knows everything about the Disney Channel. And I mean everything!
7. She is one of the best listeners. She doesn't judge, she just listens. She just lets you get everything off your chest and feel 100% better.
8. She is one of those friends from home that even if I see her outside of Little Rock, she makes me feel at home again.
9. She is one of the most accepting people in the whole world. Seriously, she's friends with all of us. That's saying something.
10. And finally – She is so talented with makeup (pretty makeup, and scary/TV makeup)

So Linds – I love you. You're one of my very best friends in the whole wide world. Have so much fun in London, and I AM VISITING YOU IN FEBRUARY!!!!! So, get pumped! Peace.

Love, Marilyn.

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  1. love it. i'm about to cry.... again. miss ya'll already :)